I was born on 02/18/73 in Beit Shean.


My way in Israeli dance folk dancing, I started at the age of 13 , in active recesses between the classes  at school. I danced in high school between classes and I was attracted to folk dances.

I continued to dance at troupes danced in Beit Shean , Nazareth and Afula for a period of seven years .

I joined the army in 1991 and served in the Air Force as a mechanic helicopters. At the end of mu military service at 1994 - I moved to Tel Aviv. I worked in different jobs and, of course, dancing at every opportunity.

In 1996 I completed a folk-dance instructors course at Wingate and chose to develop a career in the field. I worked as an intern in great circles in Tel Aviv (Tel Aviv University, Beit Dani, Kfar Saba and Ra'anana).


My first session as independent was at Alon, where group of dancers was formed. The dancers from Alon are still dance at my sessions with me to this day. Then I copied the session to Maale Edumim and opened another session Phillip Leon Jerusalem. At the same time , I worked as a guide in packs " Melabes   ."


Today I have sessions in Jerusalem area at: Philip Leon and the Hebrew University Givat Ram.  And I also have a special folk dance session once in a month: 'Noah's Ark, a session that dedicated to  couples dances only. Also, I organize special events to my dnacers: once in a year a big marathon in Jerusalem that dancers from all around Israel come to it. A trip to Messada and more... 


I attend dance camps in Israel and abroad (like: Hilulim in New York, Austrlia, Canada, Camp Darom in south Amrica and more).

From 1999 I start to create circle and couples dances you can watch them in my dances.


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